Date: _________




AddressMaganur ,VTC Bhandra Halli ,

PO: Bhandarhalli ,

SUB Dist. Parasgad, District: Belgaum,

State: Karnataka, 591117





We   are   placed to   confirm   our   offer   of   employment to   you fo r a   regularfull-time position

(“Agreement”) with YOUTH EDUTATION DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION   as  a  field  officer.


The  details  of  our  Offer,  including  the  terms  and  condition  of  your  employment,  are attached as

Schedule “A”.


Please  take  the  time  to  carefully  review  our  Offer.  This letter,  along  with the enclosed schedules,

Outlines   the   obligations   of  both   the  Company   and   yourself  with  respect  to  your  employment

Conditions,  and  is  governed by the laws of the Republic  of India with exclusive jurisdiction of courts in

New Delhi. It  details  the  terms and  conditions of your employment  with the Company  and will form

our  agreed  upon  employment contract  with  you  once  signed. On or before the actual date  of your

joining,  you  will  need  to  submit  a  copy  of  required documents for verification purposes. This list of

required documents shall be intimated to you.


The  Offer  is  conditional upon successful verification of the documents and your submission. If there is

any defect  found  in  the  same  which  is  not  clarified   satisfactorily  by  you,  we  reserve  the right to

revoke  and  cancel  this  Offer  without  any  notice  or  reason  thereof and you will have no rights or

claims  against  the  Company  in  that  case. Accepting this Offer will be condition upon agreeing to and

signing  a  copy  of  this  letter  and  the  attached  Schedule(s),  initialing  each  page in the rights –hand

corner,  and   returning  it  to  me  upon  your  earliest  convenience,  but  prior  to  your  first  day   of



We  look  forward  to  welcoming  you  to the Company and wish you a successful and rewarding career

with us.




For and Behalf of



Schedule A


Terms and Conditions


The following outlines the terms and conditions of Offer made by the Company:


Title and Location

field officer/ BELGAUM, KARNATAKA

                         . The location can be shifted at the sole discretion of

The Company with a 24 hour prior oral or written intimation.






A  copy  of  your   role   and  responsibility  description  is  attached   as

Schedule “B”. While employed  with the Company, you agreed to work

exclusively  for  the  Company  and  agree  that you shall not, while you

are   employed  by  the  Company,  be   employed  or  engaged  in   any

capacity,  in  promoting,  undertaking or carrying on any other business

that  competes  with  the  Company  or  interferes  or could reasonably

Interfere with  your  duties  to  the  Company.

Employment Period

Your  employment  with  the  company  shall  begin  on  the Start Date

(mentioned below)  and shall continue through the second anniversary

of  the  Start  Date  (the “Initial Period”).  Commencing   on the second

anniversary of the Start Date and on each anniversary  thereafter, your

employment with the Company shall automatically  renew and extend

for  a  additional year,  unless  one of the parties shall  deliver  to   the

others  60  (sixty) days’  advance written notice of the cessation of such

automatic renewal. “Employment Period”shall mean the initial Period

and any automatic extensions of your employment as per these terms.


INR 14830/-  CTC  per  month  in  probation  and  28000/-  after getting

permanent.  Details  as  per  Schedule D.

Variable pay






The   current,   standard   company   health,  life,   disability   insurance

coverage  is  generally  supplied  as  per  Company  policy. Eligibility for

these  and  others  benefits  will  take  place  as  per  Company   policy

Applicable Taxes

All  taxes  related  to  the salaries, fees and benefits are to be borne by

the  Employee.  All  payouts  may  be  subject  to  deduction  of tax at




Your salary, fees and benefits are highly confidential. You are required

to  keep  them  confidential  and  not share with any person except for

management  and human resource  department. Any  violation  of this

shall be treated as violation of this Offer and  Agreement. You shall be

bound by a  Non  –  Disclosure,  Non  –  Compete  &  Policy  Adherence

agreement  (Attached  as  Schedule “C”).


Full – time Employee

Start Date


Payroll Schedule

Your  salary  or  other  applicable  payouts  will  be  paid  to  you  on   a

monthly  basis  through  direct  deposit  to  your  bank  account  on   or

before the 07th day of the next month.


You  will  be  entitled  to  7  days of vacation (Privilege Leave) annually,

may be availed only after confirmation. Any further increase is subject

to  Leave  Policy  of  the  Company. Vacation is to be taken at such time

as  is  determined  by  or  acceptable  to  the  Company.


By  signing  this   Offer,  you  agree  to   undertake   training   that   the

company  deems  necessary  to  develop  your  skills  to  enable  you to

perform   your   responsibilities ,   for   productivity    improvement   or

otherwise. The  training  hourse  may be  over  and  above  the Hours of

Work    defined   above    at   the   discretion   of   the   Company.   You





Understand  and  acknowledge that the Company is requiring to  invest

Considerable resources in your  training  and development.



To  assess  your  fit within the Company, the first 3(there) months of the

Initial Period  willconstitute a probationary period. At any time during

This     probationary      period,    the     Company    may    terminate  your

Employment      without Cause and with 1 (one) week advance notice or

Pay  in  lieu  of    notice. If this occurs, we would have no further

Obligation to you, financial or otherwise. You will be deemed to be

Confirmed only after the Company issues you a letter of confirmation.

The Company extend your probationary period for a further period

Not exceeding 6 (six) months, if found necessary.

Policies and


The Company has established a variety of policies and standards that

Ensure a safe, enjoyable working environment. During the period of

Your employment with us, you agree to be bound by these policies

And standards, and any future policies and standardsthat are

Introduced by the Company. It is agreed that the introduction of the

Company and that you shallbe boundby these policies. It is further

Agreed that if the Company introduces, amends or deletion or

Policies as conditions warrant that such introduction or

Amendment  does  not constitute a breach of this Agreement and you

Shall be bound by the policies as they exist at the time when any

Question arises regarding the polices



Performance will be reviewed biannually asper Company policies

Against performance criteria as set out. In case your performance is

Not satisfactory, sufficient notice at the discretion of the Company will

Be provided to you with constructive feedback on how to improve. If

You fail to perform satisfactorily after such performance review and

After elapse of the time given to improve performance, your

Employment may be reviewed by the Company at its sole description.

Performance may be reviewed more frequently, if necessary.

Confidentality and


Property, Non-

Compete and Non


Our offer of employment is conditional upon you agreeing to and

Abiding by the “Confidentiality and Proprietary Information

Agreement.” Attached as Schedule “C”

Representation and


You hereby represent and warrant to Company that you are not party to any written or oral agreement with any third party that would restrict your ability to enter into this Agreement or the Confidentiality and Proprietary Information Agreement or to perform your obligations hereunder and that you will not, by joining the Company, breach any non-disclosure, proprietary rights, non-competition, non-solicitation


or other covenant in favor of any third party. Further, you hereby represent that all the contents of your resume, testimonials, references, previous employment details and other


Information furnished by you are true and accurate. You agree that this Offer is made to you relying on your





Representations. if any of them are found to be untrue, that shall be treated as a breach of this Agreement by you and liable for immediate termination.

Change to Duties

And /or


If your duties or compensation should change during the course of your employment with the Company, the validity of our agreement will not be affected in addition, if one or more of the provisions in our agreement are deemed void by law, then the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect.


You shall not be entitled to terminate your employment with the Company during the initial Period, except for a Valid Reason (as defined below). Should you wish to resign from your employment with the Company after the Initial Period, you    will  be required   to provide One month written notice after completion of Probation Period &15days with in Probation Period (“Minimum Notice”) to enable us to transition your work


You shall also be required to provide Minimum Notice to us should you intend to resign during the Initial Period for the Valid Reason.


The Company may, at its sole discretion, waive the Minimum Notice. with or without any compensation for the same from you


You shall be deemed to have resigned from the services of the Company without Minimum Notice, if you do not report to work for a continuous period of 10 (Ten) days without Company’s consent


“Valid Reason” shall mean failure of the Company to pay your salary for a continuous period of Two (2) months

Termination by


The Company may terminate   your employment during the InitialPeriod:  (1) at any time during the Probationary Period without Cause (defined below) and with 1 (one) week advance notice or pay in lieu of notice; or(2) with immediate effect for a Cause. After the end of your probationary period, the Company may terminate your employment without cause at any time by providing you with the Minimum Notice. or pay in lieu of such notice and no more.


The Company may  terminate  your  employment  after the InitialPeriod: (1) without Cause at any time after the Initial Period by providing you with the Minimum Notice, or pay in lieu of such notice and no more: or (2) with immediate effect for a Cause; or (3) with immediate effect in case you suffer any permanent disability, as certified a medical practitioner of Company’s choice, that renders you incapable of performing your employment duties.


“Cause” shall mean:

   (1)       Your  failure to perform employment duties which failure

  Continues   for  ten (10) days after the Company has given

 written  notice  to you specifying in reasonable detail the




Manner      in    which  you have failed   to perform such duties

(2)           common   of   an   act  or Omar ionby you constituting:   (x) an

                offence; (y) dishonesty with     respect to the Company;  or (z)


(3)           common of an act or omission by you that: (x)  could adversely

                and materially affect the Company’s business or reputation; or

                (y)  involves moral turpitude;

(4)           your breach, non- performance or  non-observance    of any of

                these Terms and Conditions or any other  agreement between

                your and the Company or any policies of the  Company, if such

                breach, non- performance  or non-observance   shall continue

                beyond   a   period  of ten (10) days immediately after written

                notice thereof by the Company to you;  or

(5)           Your   chronic or   extended   absence from duties without the

                consent of the Company.




Schedule B

  • That VITTAL SHANKAR HANJI R/O BELGAUM, KARNATAKAphone number________training Date ________training

       Completionconfirmation__________batch Number ____


  • Hereby understand that the job offered to me is a private  job  which  not  any  type  of govt job connected which I have been explained and I have understood.


  • That I will be on a training period or probation for first 3 months where in my duty is to meet 15 people on daily basis for the promotion of skill education in my area which I shall report to my immediate senior and I shall achieve every month a minimum of 4 people to join the skill development courses out of the 450 I have to meet in the entire month or at least 1 person in ten days of my working which I have to achieve anyhow. You are required to collect RS 10000 /- (ten thousand only) For each standard you enroll for various technical courses provided by us .The benefits will get towards this amount will be center fee for the course ,bag , uniforms ,books ,stationary , job placement and apart for all this studious and outsatndind can also get a  scholarship of as. 7200 /- (Rupees seven thousand two hundred) only. I shall be entitle for complate salary only on successful completion of target mentionedherein above. I shall be paid a training remuneration only on the discretion of the organization on achieving the lower Target
  • I have  paid  a  sum  of  rupees  2150/-  two thousand one hundred fifty  only  at  time  of   joining   the    ngo     against  which   I   have   received   a  pair of pant  shirt,  tie,  shoes, id card and bank    account facility etc. for the same which I have received myself. I also have paid an amount 100000 only. Toward the security amount which shall be 100% refundable to me after the continuous 03 years of more of my services. In case I resign/leave the job before 03 years  I shall be entitled for 50% refund of security amount. This 50% refund will be payable to me after the completion of 03 years form the date of my resignation. If you leave the job before 03 years 50%of your security amount will be refunded to you after deducting RS.42800 (Fourty two thousand eight hundred ) only towards the preparation of legal documents, training boarding/lodging and various other expenses incurred on you by the company.
  • That I have been explained in detail about my job responsibility which I have understood and

accepted and I will work sincerely as per the rules of the organization and incase I am not able to

perform my duties I shall not hold anyone responsible for the same and the decision of the

organization shall be acceptable to me in all terms and conditions



Schedule C


In consideration of employmentas on employee (“VITTAL SHANKAR HANJI”) withYOUTH EDUCATION

DEVLOPMENT FOUNDATION(The “Company”), the undersigned (the “Employee”) agrees and covenants as


  1. Confidentiality
    • The Employee shall at all times including during theperiod of his/her employment or

Engagement with the Company and for an indefinite period thereafter) keep and maintain

Strictconfidentialityof all Confidential Information, and  use such information only as may be

required in the normal course of the Employee’s work and shallnot  disclose or divulge any

such information or data, without prior written consent of an authorized officerof the

 Company, For the purposes of this Agreement theterm “Confidential   Informationshall

 include any and all information, data or material (in whatever form and by whatever name

 called) that may pertain to the Company, or its customers/clients, vendors or other business

 associates, Affiliates, Employees or its directors, officers, Employee, advisers, or s by whatever

 name called togetherreferred to as “Specified  Persons”),including withoutlimitation,

 Information that pertains to

  • the business, financial, operational, technical information that pertains to the Company

orany Specified Persons,

  • any training material/processes that may be provided to the Employee, all business or

trade secrets formulae, contract terms, business procedures, processes, techniques,

Technicalknow-how, methods,methodologies, tools or structure, ideas, discoveries,

Inventions, processes, developments, records, proprietary information/    documents,

company’s client database, client contact information, and other essential information

and documents that pertain to the Company or any Specified Persons; CHAUD et

  • information concerning / provided by the Company that is not known or generally

availableto the public at large, including without limitation, documentation, business

Developmentof planning,future projects, commercial  relationships , negotiations, the

 marketing of  goodsor services including customer names and lists, sales targets,

statistics) financial statements and other financial information, Employees lists;

  • all dataorinformation sent providedby the Company, whether in written, oral or on

magnetic or other media to the Employee, prior to, on or after the date hereof, and

  • Any other information, dataor material provided to the Employeeor which comesinto the

knowledge orpossession of the Employee in connectionwith his/her employmentor

engagement (whether or not the same is specifically marked as Confidential).

During the period of employment or engagement, the Employee will work honestly, faithfully,

diligently and efficiently forthegrowth of the Company.Further, theEmployeeshallexecute/

sign  such  other  non-disclosure  agreements  as  and  when  required  by  the Company or its

 affiliates The Employee shall at all times, whether during or after the term of his/her

employment or engagement , act  with utmost fidelity and shall not disclose or    divulge    any such

Confidential Information  to  third  parties  or  make  use  of  such information for his/her own

Benefit   or    otherswise   howsoever,  expect in such manner as may be specifically     authorized by

The   Company  in   writing.    Further, the Employee shall, at all time, whether     during or after the


                             term of his/her employment or engagement protect and safeguardthe Confidential

Information with the highest degree of care. The Employee will not reproduce, store in a

retrieval system or transmit in any form or by any means – electronic, mechanical

photocopying,   recording. Scanning  or  otherwise  any  Intellectual  Property   or   other

Confidential Information, for any purposes in any manner whatsoever, except as specifically

Authorized  by  the  Company in writing. Upon expiry or termination of the employment or

engagement with the Company, the Employee will return and surrender to the Company, all Confidential Information including withoutlimitation, data, information, files, books, magazines/journals,  reports,  documents,  manuals,  audio  and  video  tapes, laptops, USB,

discs/drives  and  any  other  knowledge databases that were provided to theEmployee or

which were entrusted to the Employee in the course of his/her employmentor engagement

and shall not  retain any copy thereof in any form whatsoever. The Employeemay also be

required to execute such further documents as the Company may require in this regard, from

time to time


1.2.      The   Employee   acknowledges  that  the Confidentialinformationis the sole andexclusive

             Property of the  Company  (or any Specified Persons, as the case may be)and that by entering

             Into  and /or performing  its  obligations under  this  Agreement,   no  right    or  license    in   the

 Confidential Information is granted  to  the  Employee,  except the limited  permission on to use

   such  Confidential information for the purposes  as  set  out here in this Agreement and / or the  

  Employment Agreement


  • In the  event  the  Employee  is  requested  or  required  under  any  applicable   law   or   by   oral

            questions,  interrogatories,  request  for  information  or  documents  in  legal  proceedings,   or by

            court  order  to  disclose  any   Confidential  Information,   the   Employee  will  provide immediate

            notice  of  such  request  to  the  Company  so  as  to  enable the  Company to seek an appropriate 

protective  order  from  an  appropriate Court or other forum.


  1. Intellectual Property Rights CHAU

2.1.    All  in tellactual   property  rights  in  any work or material created, developed or discovered by the      

           Employee  (either  alone  or  in  concert)  during the course of his/her employment or engagement

           or  involving  any  resources  of  the  Company  shall  belong  to,   and  be    the    property   of    the

           Company  and  the  Employee  hereby  confirms  and  undertakes  that he/she shall not be entitled

           to  claim  any  rights  over  such  intellectual  property.  The Employee furtherundertakes       and

           agrees     (during    or    after the term    of    his/her employment agreement with the Company) to

           disclose   and    assign   any and all intellectual property rights in any such works including without

           limitation    in    any    trademark,   logo/  brand   name,   look and feel, website domains, invention

           development   process,  plan , design,  formula,   specification,   program  or  other matter of work

           whatsoever,  and  the  same  shall  be  the  absolute property of the Company. The Employee shall

           as  and  when  requested  by  the  Company,  do  such  acts  as  may  be  deemed  necessary by the

           Company,  and  shall  execute  such  deeds  and  documents ,  as    the    Company   may require, to

           Effectually   vest   in  the  Company, all such intellectual property rights and benefits in such works

           Or   materials.  In  performance  of  the  duties and  responsibilities,  the Employee shall not use or

           infringe any intellectual property properties or rights of any other person.



  1. Exclusive Employment or Engagement and Conflict of Interest


  • During the term of employment or engagement with the Company, the Employee (a) shall use

his/her best     endeavor    to defend and promote the interests of the Company, and (b) shall not

directly or indirectly, take up any employment, or other such similar engagement by whatever

name called with any other person, or carry on or be engaged in any profession, or vocation

either by his/her or through partnership or any other form of association on part-time or other

basis. However, it is clarified that the Employee is not restricted from pursuing any hobbies like

Contributing articles to publications, music, photography, sports, and othersimilar activities

provided however that the Employee discloses any such associations or part-time projects that

 he/she may take up including the names of such associations, web-sites, social media groups or engagements. The Employee further assures and confirms to the    Company that as on the

Effective Date, he/she is not employed with any other person (whether or not he/she is paid any

remuneration, honorarium or such other amounts) and that he/she does not have any other

business or other interests similar to or in conflict with any business carried on by the Company


  1. Non-Solicitation:


  • The Employee shall not, during the term of his/her employment or engagement  with the

 Company   and for the Agreed Period, solicit, endeavor to solicit, influence or attempt to

Influence any  client, customer, Employee person or other person who has any business or

other relationship with the Company, directly or indirectly, to reduce his / its level of

engagement with the Company or stop dealing with the Company or direct / facilitate avalling

products   or   services  similar  to  or competing with the Company from any other person

(including a competing Business)


  • Further, the  Employee  shall  not,  during  the  term  of his/her employment or engagement with

the  Company  and  for  the  Agreed  Period,  (a)  employ,  engage  or  seek to employ or engage in

any  manner,  for  his/her self  or  on  be hal of any other person, any person     that is employed /

engaged,  or  that  was  employed/  engaged  by  the  Company at any time during the period of 6

(six)  months  prior  to such solicitation/ engagement, and/or (b) facilitate/ cause any person that

is  employed  or  engaged  by  the  Company,  to  leave  his employment or engagement with the



  • The Employee contracted party,   shall not, directly or indirectly, solicit, demand, accept or

Secure – whether for yourself or for any third parties – any gifts, favors, or any other benefits,

of any nature whatsoever (including by way of any cash or monetary grants, hospitality or

otherwise), from or in connection with) any vendor, customer of, or any other person having

any relationship with, the organization. Without prejudice to the foregoing, it is clarified that

referrals, if any, that the Employee contracted party may be required to provide to any person

in the course of his employment, shall be provided strictly on a meritorious basis and keeping

the client’s interests in mind  (including factors such as competency, reliability, cost/quality

effectiveness for clients etc.) and not for personal gain, Any violation of this Clause will be a

material breach of your terms of engagement and may entail appropriate action


  1. Indemnification:


  • The Employee shall   indemnify,   defend   and hold the Company, its officers, directors, associates

     and   agents  . harmless   from  any  and   all    claims  , causes   of   action ,  damages,  obligations  or

     liabilities   or   any   kind   or  nature,   arising   out   of  or connected with any act or omission of any

     provisions  of  this  Agreement,  during  the  course  of  the  employment  or  engagement  with  the

     Company  and  thereafter.


  1. Company Policies:


     The   Employee  is  required  to  comply  with  all  the  policies  as  communicated  to  the  Employee

     From  time  to  time  By  signing  a  copy  of  this  letter,  the Employee is consenting that he/she will

     get  familiarized  with  Company’s  policies.  The  Company  reserves  the  right  to interpret, change,

     suspend  or  terminate  any  of  its  benefits,  policy  plans  or programs in accordance with its needs

     from time to time

     The  Employee  further  acknowledges  that  this  Agreement  ( along  with  the  final  form  of    any

     referenced   documents   such  as [ Employment   Agreement,   the  job  description  and the service

     rules ) ],  represents  the  entire  agreement  between  the  Employee and the Company and that no

     verbal  or  written  agreements ,  promises  or  representations  that  are  not  specifically  stated  in

     this offer, are or will be binding upon the Company.


  1. General:


  • The obligations  and  commitments  established  by  or  under  this  Agreement  will  come into full

     force  i.e. the Effective Date and shall remain in effect for an indefinite period thereafter

  • If any    term   or   provision   of   this   Agreement   is   found   to any extent to be invalid, void, or

     unenforceable  by  a  Court  of  law  in  India,  the  remaining   provisions    of  this   Agreement   will,

     nevertheless,   continue   in  full  force and  effect without being impaired or invalidated in any way.

  • The Employee acknowledges and agrees that the covenants and obligations with respect to CHAUD

     Non – compete   and   non – solicitation   as    set   forth     above     relate   to   special,    unique and

     Extraordinary   matters,   are   reasonable   and  are necessary for protection of legitimate business

     Interests   of   the   Company   The   Employee   agrees   that   violation   of   any of the terms of such

     Covenants   and   obligations   will   cause   the   Company,   irreparable   injury   or   damage tothe

     Company     Therefore,      the    Employee    agrees that the Company shall be entitled to injunction,

     restraining   order   or   such   other equitable relief as a court of competent jurisdiction maydeem

     necessary    or   appropriate   to   restrain   the   Employee   from   committing  any   violation of the

     covenants   and   obligations   contained   in   this   Agreement.   These   injunctive   remedies      are

     cumulative   and   are  in   addition to any other rights and remedies that the Company may have at

     law or in equity.

  • Governing Law   and   Jurisdiction:   This   Agreement  shall be governed by construed and enforced

     in   accordance   with  the  laws  of  Delhi,  India   The   Parties hereto hereby submit to the exclusive

     jurisdiction   of  Courts  at  New  Delhi.  The  Courts  at  New  Delhi  shall  have  exclusive jurisdiction

     over   all    matters arising   under   this   Agreement. Any claims for injunctive relief(s) arising out of

     this  Agreement  may  be  brought in any court of competent  jurisdiction.



  • A failure or delay by a Party to require the enforcement of any of the provisions of this           

                   Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver by such Party of any of its rights nor will it affect 

                   in any way the validity of this Agreement or any of its provisions on the right to enforce such

                   provisions at any time thereafter. A waiver in order to be effective against the Party waiving its

                   rights shall  be  in  writing  and signed by such Party. No waiver of any term provision or

                   condition  of  this  Agreement, in any one or more instances, will be deemed to be or be  

                   construed as a further or continuing waiver of any such term provision or condition or as a

waiver of  any other term, provision or condition of this Agreement.

          7.6         This Agreement may not be amended except in writing and signed by  the parties .





Authorized Signatory


                Employee Name              VITTAL SHANKAR HANJI                                     


                 BELGAUM KARNATAKA, 591306